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Working From Home

Six Tips for Landing a Job in the Lockdown

Yes, companies are still hiring. Here’s how to get them to hire you.

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Illustration: Oscar Bolton Green for Bloomberg Businessweek

Given the historic unemployment numbers, it might be hard not to freak out if you’re looking for a job. But don’t, says Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst for personal finance website “It’s important to remember that there is hiring happening. There’s always attrition and individuals leaving for other jobs.”

Perhaps fortuitously, few unemployed people are job-hunting at the moment. “They believe they’re going to return to their old company, or that there aren’t any jobs, or that only lower-level jobs are available, or that they can’t get hired, which are all absolutely untrue,” says career counselor Robin Ryan, author of 60 Seconds and You’re Hired. Or they’re not going to look until the extra $600 a month of unemployment runs out in July, which is a terrible idea if tens of millions of Americans have the same strategy. Start now: