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World’s Best Restaurant Noma Reopens as a Cheeseburger Joint

Chef Rene Redzepi temporarily finds a new business model for the coronavirus pandemic.

A Noma cheeseburger.

A Noma cheeseburger.

Photographer: Ditte Issager

Noma, four times winner of the title of World’s Best Restaurant, reopens today in Copenhagen—as a wine bar with burgers.

You normally have to book a table months in advance at Noma, whereas the new incarnation is no reservations. The prices are accessible, too. A burger starts at 125 Danish kroner ($18.40) to take away, which might sound a lot outside Denmark but is in line with local costs and compares with 2,650 kroner for the usual menu of about 18 courses. (The burger is 150 kroner at the table.)