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Working From Home

Lunches in Lockdown: Tips for Feeding Hungry Kids

Plan ahead, be creative with leftovers, and get help from friends.

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Illustration: Oscar Bolton Green for Bloomberg Businessweek

Working from home is tough, even when you don’t have to be a short-order cook for hungry kids seeking constant sustenance—or bingeing on Cheetos and Pringles. There’s only so much time you can spend on meal prep while holding down a job, home-schooling, and dealing with fussy palates. Here are a few tips for those seeking to alleviate food-related stress for their children and themselves.

Go into self-service mode, leaving out healthy snacks such as celery, cucumbers, carrots, or peppers and providing ingredients for dips; if kids make their own hummus, they’ll probably be more willing to eat it, says Sally Sampson, founder of ChopChop, a food magazine for kids. “Teach kids to cook, and that will empower them, but it will also give them tools for the future,” Sampson says.