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El Casco’s Golden Stapler Is for Home Offices That Mean Business

A 23-karat desk accessory that’s actually functional.

El Casco’s M-1 LN stapler.

El Casco’s M-1 LN stapler.

Photographer: Jessica Pettway for Bloomberg Businessweek

Pants may be a thing of the past in many home offices as social distancing continues, but paperwork persists. El Casco, a century-old Spanish maker of desk accessories such as letter openers, hole punches, and pencil sharpeners, adds a touch of formality to any workspace with its matte black 23-karat M-1 LN stapler ($137). The ka-thunk sound that comes from pressing down on the dome of the hand-polished handle is a perfect sonic counterpoint to clickity laptop keyboards—a satisfyingly solid and mechanical ode to the job at hand.