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Lunch Break

So You Stocked Up on Beans. Now What? Make a Sandwich

Whether they’re used for hummus or salad, those extra legumes can be the most versatile item in your pantry.

Perfectly simple hummus, with all-important accompaniments.

Perfectly simple hummus, with all-important accompaniments.

Photographer: Kate Krader/Bloomberg

Editor’s Note: As more people are working from home, Bloomberg Pursuits has introduced a weekly “Lunch Break” column that will highlight a notable recipe from new cookbooks and the hack that makes them genius.

In an incredible turn of events, beans have gone from being the most boring of shelf staples to the star of the pantry. Coronavirus-related shelter-in-place and lockdowns have led people to stockpile cans of the stuff: In early March, Goya Foods reported that sales of its canned beans had risen as much as 400%. The company told the New York Times that in one week it had shipped 24 million cases of black beans, pinto beans, and similar product to stores.