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There’s Plenty of Food in the World, Just Not Where It’s Needed

  • ‘There could be a supply shock in terms of logistics:’ FAO
  • Farm, retail groups warn of labor crunch, panic-buying strains
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The Food Is There, Just Don't Hoard it, Says United Natural Foods CEO
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Global warehouses are stuffed with frozen cuts of pork, wheels of cheese and bags of rice. But as the coronavirus snarls logistical operations, the question becomes: How does all that food actually get to people?

Despite the inventories, grocery stores are looking almost apocalyptic with aisles of empty shelves. Panic buying has made it nearly impossible for retailers and suppliers to keep up with the unprecedented spike in demand. In just one example of the constraints, there’s a finite number of trucks that can load up at warehouses to bring in the chicken or ice cream or toilet paper that people want to buy.