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Even If You Weren’t Born Into Nobility, You Can Buy Your Way In

For €80,000 and up, you too can be a lord or lady.
A Coat of Arms for Former Commoners

A Coat of Arms for Former Commoners

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Born into the rubble and deprivation of postwar Germany, Horst Koch wanted out of his small-town cocoon, and at age 21 found his way to a poker table, where he learned to empty the pockets of less experienced players. For decades, Koch says, he earned a handsome living playing cards in Baden-Baden, Aruba, and Las Vegas. Yet he always lusted after the kind of esteem that’s hard for even a champion five-card-stud player to earn at the table.

So when Koch in 2013 heard he might be able to buy an aristocratic title, he considered it a path to newfound respect and admiration. These days, humble Horst Koch is known—legally and in every other way—as Horst Walter Count von Hessen-Homburg. He has his own coat of arms and a gilded family history stretching back centuries.