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U.S. Wanting to Buy Fewer Chinooks Sees U.K., U.A.E. Buying More

  • Army Secretary promoting sales that may placate Congress
  • Up to 24 additional Chinooks would extend a production line
A U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook.
A U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook.Source: U.S. Army

Boeing Co. is close to selling 24 Chinook helicopters to the United Arab Emirates and the U.K., according to Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, a move that may assuage U.S. lawmakers who have rejected his service’s plans to curtail its purchases of the aircraft.

“I believe we will be the position here very shortly to take the next step for notification to Congress” of a proposed sale of 10 additional Chinooks to the U.A.E, with the U.K. likely to buy an additional 14, McCarthy said in an interview. “I’m personally involved with those efforts.”