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Sea Island’s Multimillion-Dollar Center Is the Mayo Clinic of Golf

We took a session with fitness guru Randy Myers at the famed Georgia resort’s new Golf Performance Center.

Sea Island golf resort on the Georgia coast.

Sea Island golf resort on the Georgia coast.

Source: Sea Island

Inside the new multimillion-dollar Golf Performance Center at Sea Island, Ga., I’m standing on one leg, arms folded across my chest, trying to rotate my upper body without toppling over. I can manage a few turns with my eyes open, but it’s hopeless when they’re closed.

Randy Myers, Sea Island’s director of fitness, isn’t surprised. Balance, he tells me, is the biggest physical difference between the pros and me. Almost all the PGA Tour players Myers has worked with—more than 70, including Dustin Johnson and Davis Love III—can not only make full-speed swings on one leg with their eyes closed, they can also do it while standing on top of an inflatable Bosu Balance Trainer ball.