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Furious Bondholders Hound Guaido’s Money Man as Defaults Pile Up

  • Hernandez, a Caracas native, bears the brunt of angry calls
  • Creditors are desperate for a plan that will pay them back
Jose Ignacio Hernandez
Jose Ignacio HernandezPhotographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg

Venezuela’s political opposition is experiencing all the drudgery of governing without much of the actual power.

Perhaps no man knows that better than Jose Ignacio Hernandez. In February, the Caracas-born constitutional lawyer was named attorney general for the government being assembled by Juan Guaido. But while Guaido, the National Assembly President, has been recognized by the U.S. and more than 50 other governments as the country’s rightful leader, he and allies like Hernandez have limited actual power.