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12 Cocktails of Summer

Forget Beer and Rosé, a Truly Classy BBQ Calls for Whisky Cocktails

How to make a Dry Rob, a refreshing twist on a Manhattan made with dry vermouth and amaro that’ll turn even the simplest cookout into a celebratory occasion. 

A Dry Rob is the best drink for a BBQ.

A Dry Rob is the best drink for a BBQ.

Photographer: Janelle Jones/Bloomberg; Food Stylist: Liza Jernow; Prop Stylist: Anna Surbatovich

Did summer even happen if you didn’t have or attend a backyard barbecue? Not in our world. 

But with all the pressure it takes to be a grill master—and major pitfalls to avoid—from bringing the briquettes to a perfect glow, marinating the meat just right, and making sure the dog doesn’t snatch it while your head is turned, you’re naturally going to want some liquid encouragement. Beer is the obvious choice to quench your thirst as you stand over a scorching grill. Once it’s time to feast, however, impress your guests with something much more sophisticated.