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May's Replacements Set Out Brexit Alternatives: Brexit Update

Sam Gyimah

Sam Gyimah

Photographer: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

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The candidates to succeed Theresa May as prime minister have been setting out their alternative Brexit strategies. Former U.K. Universities Minister Sam Gyimah is a surprise runner, pitching himself as the “second referendum” candidate. Meanwhile, preparing to visit Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, Donald Trump has urged Britain to go for a hard confrontation with the European Union.

Javid struggled to explain to the BBC what he would do at the end of October if the EU hadn’t agreed to his Brexit renegotiation. He said he’d prefer no deal to no Brexit, but pressed on whether he’d seek an extension, he said he wouldn’t want one, and couldn’t imagine asking for one, but didn’t rule out the possibility that he’d be compelled to. His plan is May’s deal, but with a technological solution to the Irish border problem. “What I would do is make a grand gesture to Ireland that we would cover all their costs -- the upfront costs, the running costs -- of a new digitized border,” he said. “I think it could be done in a couple of years but I think we could cover their costs.”