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Forget Flowers, This Is the Gear Mom Really Wants This Year

Why should Dad have all the fun when it comes to tech, booze, and outdoor adventures? Here are 21 ways to show your love

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Somehow, when it comes time to buy a token of appreciation for the person who does the most demanding, important job in the world (some daunting amalgam of cop, psychiatrist, tech support, CFO, and life coach), we tend to stereotype shop like we’re buying for June Cleaver. Flowers? Lovely but forgettable. And that day spa gift certificate from last year? Did that even get used? Consider instead a bottle of toe-curling mezcal, or a piece of garden hardware that looks like it could be used to slay dragons. Traditional gifts can even take on a tech edge—turn a little one’s drawing into a 3D-printed sculpture, or, for the beauty-minded, a high-tech blow-dryer that happens to be gilded in 23.75-karat gold.

This Mother’s Day, think about all that she does and all that she can do, and loves to do, and gift her ways to do it all better, easier, and with more bravado. Here are a few ideas to get you started.