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Poland and U.S. Closing In on Deal to Build ‘Fort Trump,’ Sources Say

  • The prime minister’s planned visit with Bolton postponed
  • Warsaw government wants a deterrent to Russian aggression
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Photographer: Piotr Malecki/Bloomberg

Poland is nearing a deal with the U.S. to establish an American military base in the former Communist bloc country, according to people familiar with the matter -- an outpost the Poles see as a deterrent to Russian aggression and that the Kremlin would likely consider a provocation.

If a deal is reached, President Donald Trump is considering traveling to Poland in the fall, in part to commemorate the agreement. But it’s unclear whether he fully supports the idea, even after he said during a September meeting with Polish President Andrzsej Duda that the U.S. was looking “very seriously” at establishing a base. Duda, who joked that it could be named “Fort Trump,” remains committed to contribute $2 billion for its construction.