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This Company Is Turning $27,000 Cars Into $1 Million Collectibles

England’s David Brown Automotive is quietly cultivating a well-heeled fan base as the Singer Porsche of Jaguar.

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Source: David Brown Automotive

The Geneva Motor Show this year was characterized by what might as well have been alien life forms. There wasn’t much room to navigate between the $2 million electric cars in carbon fiber exoskeletons and $3 million jet-propelled bugs designed to break 300 mph.  

But those who paid attention to more mundane matters were rewarded by a stylish Brit sitting quietly in the center of it all—“mundane” being a relative term.

The £520,000 ($685,000) Speedback GTs on display from David Brown Automotive are hand-built odes to times past. Open their doors, elegant and long like a woman’s glove, and encounter such sundry pleasures as burled-walnut steering wheels, tartan interiors, hand-braided saddle-leather accents, picnic sets of enamel crockery, and silver plated tools ingeniously folded into hatchback trunks. The ruby-red Speedback GT sitting at the center of the display was a dead ringer for a Jaguar Jane Birkin would have driven—at least, from the front. From the back, it looked like a svelte Aston Martin.