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Most Amazon Brands Are Duds, Not Disrupters, Study Finds

  • Review of 23,000 products says fear of Amazon goods overblown
  • Study contradicts concerns raised by Sen. Warren and others
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How Jeff Bezos Became the King of E-Commerce

The explosion of Inc.’s private-label products -- batteries, baby wipes, jeans, tortilla chips, sofas -- has prompted concern that the world’s biggest online retailer could use its clout to promote these house brands at the expense of merchants selling similar products on the web store. The issue even surfaced in Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent proposal to break up big technology companies.

Turns out most Amazon-branded goods are flops that don’t threaten other businesses at all, according to Marketplace Pulse. In a study, the New York e-commerce research firm examined 23,000 products and found that shoppers aren’t more inclined to buy Amazon brands even when the company elevates them in search results.