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Venezuela Has Two Presidents Dueling Now for Control of Country

  • In Guaido vs Maduro, the battle lines are clearly drawn
  • The question is whether the military brass will break ranks
Bloomberg business news
Bloomberg’s Andrew Rosati reports on Trump’s recognition of Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela.(Source: Bloomberg)
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Juan Guaido says he is president of Venezuela. So too, of course, does Nicolas Maduro, the authoritarian leader who has ruled the crisis-ravaged country since the death of his mentor Hugo Chavez six years ago.

Guaido has the backing of the people, thousands of whom took to the streets Wednesday, along with a host of foreign governments, led by the U.S., Canada and Brazil, that recognized the congressman as the rightful head of state. But Maduro has control of the security forces, the military, the courts, the treasury coffers and the state oil giant.