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Low-Income Renters Face Eviction, Thanks to the Government Shutdown

Contracts for federal housing assistance are expiring, and thousands of low-income seniors and disabled renters could face eviction.
Where the rent checks will stop.
Where the rent checks will stop.National Low Income Housing Coalition

With the federal government shutdown in the U.S. nearing the three-week mark and no end in sight, more than 800,000 furloughed workers are starting to feel the sting of missing paychecks and mounting bills. The real-world impacts of this political brinkmanship—from airport-security sick-outs to sharply curtailed food inspections to fears that contractors may never see any backpay—are starting to metastasize throughout the economy.

That anxiety is setting on some of the most vulnerable families in America. Between 70,000 and 85,000 low-income households that rely on assistance for housing—many elderly or disabled, and some of whom make less than $13,000 per year—could see shocks to their housing status if the shutdown persists.