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Turkey Unlikely to Give Up Russian Missiles on U.S. Offer

  • Not clear that the U.S. would agree to sell if S-400 proceeds
  • Turkey’s participation in F-35 stealth fighter program at risk
A Russian S-400 missile system
A Russian S-400 missile systemPhotographer: Vasily Maximov/AFP via Getty Images
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The U.S. proposal to sell an advanced air defense system to Turkey may not be enough to persuade Ankara to abandon an arms deal with Russia that’s strained relations between the NATO allies.

Turkey is planning to buy both Russian and U.S.-made missile-defense systems even if Washington agrees to sell Patriot batteries to Ankara, two Turkish government officials familiar with the country’s defense policy said Wednesday. It’s not clear the U.S. would agree to that, but there were signs it was prepared to make other overtures to persuade Turkey to give up the Russian missiles.