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Amazon’s HQ2 Decision Was Always About Transit

In the end, New York’s MTA and D.C.’s Metro were the only transportation networks capable of handling such an influx of new residents. But both cities will have some work to do.
Maybe Amazon will get the train working.
Maybe Amazon will get the train working.Bebeto Matthews/AP

Like an extra-long, extra-schlocky season of The Bachelor, the signs were there from the start.

Those who tuned in from the very first episode of Amazon’s hunt for an HQ2 may recall one telling element of the initial bid for its next quarters outside of Seattle: The tech giant wanted good transportation. Wherever Amazon landed, direct access to trains and buses, in addition to highways and airports, would be critical. So in that sense, this season’s twist ending—it picked New York City and the Washington, D.C. suburbs—was no surprise. These are two of the best-connected transportation cities in the United States.