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Rural America’s Favorite Store Is Moving Into the Big City

Dollar General is trying to transcend its roots with a millennial-focused urban concept called DGX.

Dollar General's new DGX urban store in Philadelphia

Dollar General's new DGX urban store in Philadelphia

Photographer: Matthew Boyle/Bloomberg

Philadelphia’s bustling Northern Liberties neighborhood is a millennial nirvana: yoga studios, vinyl stores and trendy French bakeries line the Second Street commercial corridor, once home to the famed Christian Schmidt Brewing Company.

Here in NoLibs, home values have tripled since 2000, gentrification is hotly debated over pints of craft beer, and retail chains are gradually displacing the mom and pops. A mini-Target opened in August; Starbucks is coming soon. So far so typical. Then Dollar General arrived and locals wondered: What was rural America’s favorite retailer doing in hipsterville?