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Montblanc’s Watch Boss on the Future of the Company

Davide Cerrato talks panda dials, the future of digital technology in watches, and finding his “new Black Bay.”

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Source: Hodinkee

Originally published by Benjamin Clymer on Hodinkee.

I have known Davide Cerrato for a long time. The better part of my career, really. The first time I met him, or at least my first real concrete memory of him, was in Italy in 2011. I was still in graduate school, HODINKEE as a company consisted of, well, me, who would bug my friends to contribute now and then. He was then the newly appointed creative director of a brand that did not even exist in the United States – a brand called Tudor. HODINKEE caught his attention, or he caught ours, because of our shared loved of mid-century, form-follows-function products – the type of things that people used not because they were cool, or expensive, but because of how they worked.