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Infiniti Debuts Project Black S Hybrid, Inspired by Formula One Racers

The 563-horsepower coupe is the latest move from the Hong Kong automaker to go electric.

The Infiniti Project Black S.

The Infiniti Project Black S.


At a private party in Paris, Infiniti unveiled the Project Black S prototype, a 563-horsepower sports car with a hybrid electric powertrain developed by the Renault Sport Formula One Team.  

The coupe represents Infiniti’s biggest step toward its goal of having all its new models feature hybrid and electric powertrains by 2021. It’s an update to the concept the Hong Kong-based brand showed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2017, with a lighter body weight and a system that allows the battery to recharge during braking and acceleration. But only two of the cars will be made. The prototype is still a design study and test bed for further technologies the company may eventually develop with its Formula One partner, said Roland Krueger, chairman and global president of Infiniti.