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Backlash, and Some Nods, After Macron Tells Off an Unemployed Gardener

  • Macron told a young man that jobs in Paris are easy to find
  • Restaurants, construction say that they can’t fill positions
Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel MacronPhotographer: Jasper Juinen/Bloomberg
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A widely circulated video that shows French President Emmanuel Macron telling a young unemployed gardener he could easily find a job if he looked drew scorn and insults on social media. But business executives this week say his latest outburst may be right.

During a national festival on Saturday when official buildings are open to visitors, Macron told the man who said he was looking for a position as a gardener that jobs are available in “lots of professions, you just have to go look. Hotels, cafes, restaurants. I cross the street and I can find you some.”