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The Secret Rooms Hotels Don’t Tell You About

Hoteliers keep them unlisted so that only the real VIPs can get in.

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The Hotel Rooms You Didn't Know Existed

The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon—a low-slung, 62-suite escape that lurks half-hidden in the rugged landscape just outside Reykjavik—has only been open for three months, and it’s already one of the buzziest luxury spots in Europe. Perched on the edge of the geothermally heated pool for which it’s named, it features floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular views across the lava rock, plus a spa that offers in-lagoon massages. Guests get one especially attractive perk: after-hours access to the spectacular natural site, whose waters are packed with crowds during peak times.

But within the retreat lies one ultra-exclusive space that few visitors will ever know exists. Spread across two levels and 2,100 square feet, the Blue Lagoon suite is almost triple the size of any other. It has a private balcony overlooking the lava landscape, a kitchen and dining room, and a king-size bedroom with walk-in closet. Best of all, it has its own private spa, complete with a steam bath, sauna, fireplace, and a private bathing area within the lagoon.