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The Little-Known IRS Agent Who Exposed the Biggest Scandal in Sports

Just in time for the World Cup, a new tell-all traces the criminal underbelly of “the beautiful game.”

Chuck Blazer (left,) and Jack Warner, president of Concacaf.

Chuck Blazer (left,) and Jack Warner, president of Concacaf.

Photographer: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images South America

There are two types of soccer executives, according to 2011 testimony given by Chuck Blazer, then the highest-ranking American in international soccer: those who take bribes, and those who pay them.

That, in a sentence, is the central theme running through Ken Bensinger’s new book, Red Card: How the U.S. Blew the Whistle on the World’s Biggest Sports Scandal. In it, the Buzzfeed investigative reporter details how the unlikeliest of countries—the one that cares the least about soccer—became the one that finally exposed its criminal underbelly.