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Zuckerberg Says Facebook Was Slow to Identify Russian Information Operations.

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On Capitol Hill, lawmakers are grilling Mark Zuckerberg about how Facebook was used to help Russia meddle in the 2016 election. On Wall Street, the oft-predicted Bitcoin bubble-burst may be here, mirroring how the flu dies out. And at the White House, President Donald Trump has been told he's free to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller at will.  

Instagram looks like it might be Facebook’s best hope. Facebook's algorithm made it a tool for Russian propagandists. Cambridge Analytica used the company to access personal data from millions of Americans. Its stock price is down about 15 percent since mid-March. Politicians, users and Wall Street are on the warpath. What could possibly help this lumbering giant out of the ditch? We have an idea.

Trump, angered over an FBI search of his lawyer's office, has been advised he can fire Mueller if he wants, the White House said. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, however, has said only he can fire the special counsel. And even Republicans have piped up to warn the administration against any rash moves.

Trade talks between China and the U.S. broke down last week after the Trump administration demanded Beijing end support for high-technology industries. We could be here awhile.

U.S. drivers are getting worse at avoiding apps, e-mail and other phone-based distractions while driving. More people use them behind the wheel, and for longer periods. Tragedy awaits.

Passengers flying on Airbus planes will soon be able to slip down into the cargo hold for a nap, dozing off in plush berths that will initially be offered on A330 widebody aircraft.

The richest zip code in America is just as exclusive and elite as the people who live there. Fisher Island, located just off Miami, is accessible only by ferry or water taxi.

We’ve reached peak gingham. now comes the decline. The summer staple has hit the height of popularity. In a few months, it will likely be everywhere, from bars to beaches to parks to parties. But by fall, it will all be over.

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