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Tariffs Often Come to Save U.S. Swing-State Jobs: Eco Research Roundup

Contested states matter more than lobbying in shaping trade policy

From tax cuts to immigration control, many of Donald Trump’s policies seem designed to please solid-red states. Tariffs, opposed by many free-trade Republicans, don’t fit that mold – and as it turns out, that’s no surprise. 

Trade policy is often made with swing states in mind, as the lead study in this week’s economic research roundup finds. We also take a look at a study on job-market disadvantage among America’s incarcerated, another that uses nighttime lights as a gauge of whether global economic data give an accurate read, and a final piece on how U.S. consumption responds to fiscal policies. Check out this column each week for the latest economic research from around the world. 

A Swing-State Theorem, with Evidence
Published March 2018
Available on the NBER website