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Ford’s New Mustang Is No Longer an American Car

Buyers abroad are proving more faithful than Americans who grew up worshipping the pony car.
2018 Ford Mustang GT LEDE
Source: Ford

It took 50 years and more than 9 million Mustang sales before Ford Motor Co. decided its beloved, blue-collar icon was mature enough for a grand tour of Europe and the rest of the world. The strategy’s success suggests the company should have shipped them sooner.

Near the end of 2015, the latest version of the famous car rolled into 140 countries. Decked out for its 50th anniversary with a major update in design and engineering, the Mustang was met with a rush of orders from fans who had been waiting decades to get one. By 2017, Mustang sales were swooning in the U.S. as the new model’s novelty faded, but foreign buyers proved more faithful, fueling a steady stream of orders to the plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, where the Mustang is made.