Photographer: Wil Riera/Bloomberg

PDVSA to Staff: Unfollow Non-Official Accounts or Risk Dismissal

Venezuela’s state-owned oil company told employees they were banned from following users on social media except those officially authorized.

“From this date on, it’s prohibited to use and follow people on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, or any other) except those authorized by the company in an official manner,” according to a memo seen by Bloomberg that was sent to employees of the company’s joint ventures on Feb. 20. PDVSA, as the oil producer is known, also said those who fail to follow the new rules would be subject to sanctions or firings.

Already in default and struggling with sinking oil production, the company also told employees to cut costs and expenses by 50 percent in November. PDVSA did not immediately respond to requests for comments seeking to verify the contents of the document.

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