Photographer: Mitch Diamond/Getty Images

Los Angeles Cracks Down on Out-of-Control Hollywood Party Houses

Los Angeles is cracking down on property owners who rent out their homes to professional party throwers, often in upscale neighborhoods such as the Hollywood Hills, where the massive events block the streets and disturb the neighbors.

“The problem of residential homes being used as de facto nightclubs has been growing for years," Los Angeles Councilmember David Ryu said in a statement Wednesday. "It’s not just a nuisance in otherwise quiet neighborhoods -- it is a real danger.”

Hosts and homeowners responsible for unruly parties could be fined up to $8,000 under a city council-approved ordinance that escalates penalties. It follows charges the city attorney brought last year against a home owner and a property manager over “out-of-control nuisance houses" that are used every few weeks for parties attended by hundreds of people.

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