To Be `Uber-y Enough' for a Job You Best Be a Dude, Woman Claims

Uber Technologies Inc. failed to persuade a judge to limit the company’s financial exposure in a lawsuit brought by a woman who says she was rejected for a full-time job -- one she was already doing as a contractor -- because she wasn’t "Uber-y enough.”

Ilana Diamond sued the ride-hailing giant for gender discrimination in October, claiming she was replaced as the acting photo brand manager by a man with significantly less experience.

When she confronted a supervisor at a happy-hour event about why she didn’t get the job, he told her she was not “Uber-y” enough,” according to her complaint. She went on to ask what it was about her male replacement that made him more Uber-y. “He’s a dude,” the supervisor blurted out, according to the complaint.

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Harold Kahn issued a tentative ruling Friday denying Uber’s request to limit the potential damage award to Diamond’s lost wages. Kahn said the case may reveal evidence of malice or oppression that would justify Diamond’s request for punitive damages.

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