Venezuela’s Currency Rout Hits a New Milestone at 200,000 per Dollar

Why Venezuela Is Getting Increasingly Desperate

Venezuela’s currency crossed a new barrier this week as hyperinflation exploded and Nicolas Maduro’s government readied a cryptocurrency issuance next month.


Venezuela's bolivar slides past 200,000 per U.S. dollar on black market


The rate in the black market -- where most Venezuelans acquire dollars -- weakened to 202,000 bolivars per greenback on Thursday, according to, a widely-watched website that monitors prices. That means that the monthly minimum wage is now the equivalent of less than $4.

The currency has plunged 43 percent over the past month and the current level compares with a rate as strong as 10,000 per dollar as recently as late July. The official government-set value -- which is practically inaccessible -- remains at 10 bolivars per dollar.

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— With assistance by Patricia Laya, and Nancy Moran

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