Approval of U.S. Leadership Under Trump Tumbles Globally in Poll

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  • More now disapprove of the U.S. than of China or Russia
  • Poll conducted since election of Donald Trump to White House
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An annual Gallup poll of international support for U.S. leadership, conducted after President Donald Trump’s election and published Thursday, shows a sharp fall in approval since 2016.

Souring on America

Annual Gallup poll shows unprecedented fall in U.S. leadership under President Trump

Source: Gallup Inc.

Note: Approxmately 1000 people were surveyed in each country, March-November 2017. Margins of error range from +/- 2 percentage points to +/- 5.1 percentage points.

Gallup found that U.S. approval ratings fell by 10 percentage points or more in 65 of the 134 countries surveyed in March to November last year. America’s image improved in just 17 countries, and by more than 10 percentage points in three -- Belarus, Israel, and Macedonia. Worldwide, more people now say they disapprove of U.S. leadership (43 percent), than of China’s or Russia’s (30 percent and 36 percent respectively).

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