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The NFL Targets London. Britons Find It Boring

The only sport that fares worse in audience interest is golf.
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NFLPA's Smith More Interested in Fan Engagement Than Ratings

The NFL has spent years trying to crack the U.K. market, and has grand plans to use the country as a linchpin for global expansion. The response from the great British public? We’re bored of your funny foreign sport, thanks very much.

A YouGov survey of 1,616 British adults ranked “American football” as the nation’s second-dullest sport to watch, with 59 percent of respondents rating it “very or quite boring,” while just 18 percent think it’s exciting. Only golf fared worse – a local game, to be sure, but one facing well-documented challenges finding new players and audiences. A full 70 percent find that sport painful to watch.