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Fireplace Tools Beautiful Enough to Use Even If It’s Not Cold

Sardinian design company Pretziada has created an homage to the Italian hearth.
Pretziada Ceremony Fireplace Tools Set.
Photographer: Yasu + Janko for Bloomberg Businessweek

The Characteristics​

Italian design company Pretziada was founded in 2015 by Ivano Atzori and his partner, Kyre Chenven, a set designer from California. They’re based in Atzori’s native Sardinia, where they’ve worked with local artisans to reinvent the region’s classic wares, such as shepherd’s boots and nuptial vases. For the Ceremony fireplace set, they collaborated with French designer Ambroise Maggiar and metalworkers Fratelli Argiolas. The collection pays tribute to the importance of the hearth in Sardinian homes, but refashioned in a minimalist design. Each tool is made from laser-cut, hand-welded iron.

The Competition

At €695 ($834), the nine-piece Ceremony fireplace set is on the high end compared with others that are also designed with the more contemporary home in mind, but you get a lot for the money. In contrast, Swedish designer Emma Olbers’s fireplace set will run you $460 for five pieces. Available at Sag Harbor, N.Y., home-goods mecca Monc XIII, it’s made from beechwood and comes with brass details, a horsehair brush, and all-natural leather handles. The $900 Henry, a set of four hand-forged iron pieces from home furnishings wholesaler Arteriors, in Carrollton, Texas, employs heavy-duty materials for a more rustic feel.

The Case

All fireplace tool sets work pretty much the same, but it’s not often that such a large set—which includes a poker, blower, broom, shovel, ash bucket, tool stand, and tongs—is also compact. The designers wanted to make something that honored the essentialist lines of traditional country tools but was contemporary and decorative as well; even the andirons have a sculptural element. Pretziada also left it with a clear finish, so all of the hand welding is visible. It’s home décor that’s supremely functional when everyone is gathered around on a cold winter day but beautiful enough to keep out after warmer weather arrives. €695

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