Job Gains in Trump's First Year Were Solid But Not the Greatest

Labor Market Beginning To Slow, Says Blanchflower

Donald Trump vowed during his 2016 campaign for president that he would be “the greatest jobs president that God ever created.” Employment data released Friday show that the economy added 2.06 million jobs during his first full year in office. That’s good. It’s also 185,000 fewer jobs than the 2.24 million delivered in the final year under his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama.

Keeping Score

U.S. economy added a cumulative 2.06 million jobs in 2017 vs. 2.24 million during Obama's final year in office

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Economists debate the extent to which presidents determine the course of the economy and labor market. And certain external factors, such as the hurricanes that battered hiring in September, are out of a politician’s control.

Steady as She Goes

Annual U.S. job growth averaged 2.36 million from 2011 - 2017

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Broadly speaking, the data suggest that 2017’s robust labor market represents a continuation of a trend set in place as the economy dug out of the recession, rather than a turning point in hiring.

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