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Here Are the Best Emergency Foods for Your Luxury Apocalypse Bunker

Although, if the end times are really coming, you may also want to pack some salt.
Nobody said the apocalypse was going to be pretty.

Nobody said the apocalypse was going to be pretty.

Photographer: Caroline Tompkins for Bloomberg Businessweek

The amenities attached to the burgeoning luxury bunker business are well documented. In Georgia, purportedly the safest house in America has an infinity pool, a car vault that holds 30 vehicles, and access to an off-grid water supply. But there are other important considerations to address, such as: What does one eat in one’s secure dining room.

Like the bunker housing market, emergency foods are a fast-growing industry in the U.S. That’s partly due to the rising frequency of natural disasters, plus the fact that retailers such as Walmart, Home Depot, and REI are making more room on their shelves for emergency foods. Products range from no-nonsense FEMA-style MREs (meal, ready-to-eat), designed for the victims of real emergencies, to more Burning Man-style leisure products. The popular company Augason Farms, in business since 1972, offers a ‘Turkey Feast Pail’ with (freeze-dried) turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, honey white rolls, and pumpkin pie that they promise will be good “today, six months from now, or several years from now.”