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Star Wars Meets Fruit Farms as Lasers Deter Thieving Birds

  • Birds cost fruit farmers in five states $189 million in study
  • Intense, green beams send birds flying for their lives
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In the historic battle of birds versus farmers, there’s a new hi-tech scarecrow in town.

Bird Control Group, a Netherlands-based firm, is selling a laser in the U.S. that imitates predators to scare off birds. The Agrilaser Autonomic, as it’s called, is installed near crops and combines colors, filters and lenses to produce a greenish laser beam about 3 inches (7.6 centimeters) in diameter. Birds perceive the the back-and-forth motion of the laser as a physical danger, like a predator or an oncoming car, and instinctively take flight to seek safety, Chief Executive Officer Steinar Henskes said.