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Low Unemployment Healing U.S. Job Market's Ugly Secret

  • Companies looking closely at older workers in quest for talent
  • Resume gaps welcomed by some as sign of work-life balance
A commuter enters Pennsylvania Station in New York, U.S., on Friday, May 26, 2017. President Donald Trump tapped New York developer Steven Roth as one of his top private-sector advisers on fixing roads, bridges and airports. One of the nation's most pressing bottlenecks is a familiar one -- untangling the Gordian infrastructure knot that is New York's Pennsylvania Station.
Photographer: John Taggart/Bloomberg

Chris McCall was getting ready for the birth of his second daughter in 2013 when the unexpected hit: He was let go after four years at agencyQ, a digital marketing company in Washington.

After a couple of months of looking for a job, and caring for an infant and her two-year-old sister, McCall and his wife, Rebecca, decided he would be a stay-at-home dad. His wife would earn the family paycheck.