Photographer: Jim Dyson/Getty Images

U.K.'s Darwin Banknotes to Become Extinct in March 2018

The evolution of money continues.

The U.K.’s 10-pound note featuring Charles Darwin will no longer be legal tender after March 1, 2018, the Bank of England said Tuesday. The naturalist, known for “On the Origin of Species” and the concept of survival of the fittest, has been on the tenner, as it is known in Britain, since 2000. The withdrawal follows the introduction of a new note in September featuring writer Jane Austen.

That was BOE’s second polymer note after the Winston Churchill fiver was issued in September 2016. A new 20-pound bill -- featuring artist J.M.W. Turner -- will arrive by 2020.

There are about 359 million paper tenners still in circulation and old ones can be exchanged at the central bank after the March withdrawal date.

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