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Trump’s Secret Weapon: The Hidden Ties That Bind Israel, Saudis

  • Jewish state, Islamic kingdom see interests converge vs Iran
  • Both join Trump pushback; Lebanon’s Hezbollah is in crosshairs

Photographer: Jalaa Marey/AFP via Getty Images

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Israelis talk about when, not if, they’ll fight Hezbollah again. Since the last war in 2006, they’ve repeatedly reinforced the border with Lebanon. Snaking through the pine forests that separate the countries are 50 miles of sensor-laden fences, patrol roads and dirt berms.

They’ll make little difference if war comes. Both sides are geared for an airborne conflict. Israel’s leaders say they’re ready to bomb Lebanon back to the Stone Age. Hezbollah is said to have increased its missile stocks tenfold. In Kfar Vradim, an Israeli town just south of the frontier, David Deshe expects the worst. “Last time we had a couple of dozen rockets,” said the army reservist and business-owner (who counts a Warren Buffett-owned factory among his neighbors). “This time, they tell us, it’s going to be like rain.”