BlackRock’s Larry Fink Sees as Much as $5 Trillion Moving to Passive

BlackRock's Fink Sees MiFID II as a Net Positive

BlackRock Inc. Chief Executive Officer Laurence Fink predicted that new regulations including MiFID II in Europe and the fiduciary rule in the U.S. could push $2 trillion to $5 trillion in assets into passive investments.

Speaking at the NYT DealBook Conference in New York, Fink called this "the dominant theme" taking place in investment markets.

Fink also said BlackRock will probably play a more active role in corporate governance, but not be an activist, as it becomes a bigger shareholder of companies.

"I have only one power and I’m going to use that power heavily: that’s the power of the vote," he said, adding that BlackRock tends to vote with management so long as there is a coherent long-term plan.

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