May's Tories Give a Cautious Welcome to Her Brexit Progress

  • Euroskeptic Jenkin offers prime minister his congratulations
  • Supporters of close EU relationship also praise movement

U.K.'s May Calls for 'Joint Effort' With EU on Brexit

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May got a cautious welcome from her Conservative Party for the progress she made overnight in her Brexit talks in Brussels.

After May asked her fellow leaders to give her a deal she could sell at home, German Chancellor Angela Merkel offered her some political cover, saying that she thought a deal could be reached by the end of the year.

“Theresa is to be congratulated for showing emollience, tact, diplomacy and determination,” Bernard Jenkin, a leading supporter of leaving the European Union, told the BBC’s “Daily Politics” show. “I don’t think it’s a breakthrough. The breakthrough will be when the EU and the U.K. talk about the kind of trade deal that they want. It’s an improvement in the body language.”

Just two weeks to the day since an attempt to oust her, the temporary truce reflects the agreement of most Conservative lawmakers that they should keep May in place, at least for the moment.

Nicky Morgan, chair of Parliament’s Treasury Committee and an advocate of a close relationship with the EU, was also supportive. “Angela Merkel’s comments were clearly designed to be helpful,” she said in a phone interview. “It’s encouraging because it’s Merkel re-engaging with the process after the German elections.”

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