KB Home CEO Apologizes for Profanities Against Comedian Kathy Griffin

Jeffrey Mezger

Photographer: Ric Francis/AP Photo

KB Home, one of the largest U.S. homebuilders, said its chief executive officer “regrets losing his temper” during a dispute with neighbors and that the language he used “does not reflect who he is or what he believes.”

HuffPost on Tuesday posted an audio recording of comments Jeffrey Mezger made to comedian Kathy Griffin and her boyfriend after they called Los Angeles police to complain about noise from Mezger’s property. He’s heard using profanities and a homophobic slur to describe Griffin. Mezger “has apologized in writing to Ms. Griffin for using that language,” KB Home said in a statement.

The company said Griffin and her boyfriend have called the police or homeowners’ association security more than a half dozen times in the past year -- the latest time because of noise Mezger’s grandchildren made while playing in the swimming pool early on a Saturday evening -- and their complaints were dismissed each time. “Still, Mr. Mezger regrets his choice of language,” KB Home said.

— With assistance by Patrick Clark

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