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This Job Wants to Feed You Three Meals a Day

Office wellness programs don't save employers money. So how come they're a $6.8 billion industry?
A yoga class outside FS Investments' offices.
Source: FS Investments

In the fitness center at an investment management firm, Chris Serrano swipes cold goo across my stomach and waves an ultrasound wandHe’s about to perform a test “very similar to what they would do if you were pregnant,” he explains, only this one will measure, to the nearest tenth of a percentage point, just how much of my body is fat.

Already he’s grilled me on my health: How many glasses of water do I drink each day? (Not enough.) Can I name three foods with omega-3 fatty acids? (Apparently not; I thought broccoli had all the nutrients.) Next, he’ll have me do lunges, squats, leg lifts and side planks that will reveal, unsurprisingly, that my core and hips are weak. (His prescription: Work out more.)