Theresa May Insists That She’s Not ‘Robotic’

  • ‘I get frustrated people use the term robotic about me’
  • May speaks to BBC Radio 5 during coverage of cricket

Theresa May, U.K. prime minister, gestures while delivering a speech on the Taylor review of modern working practices in London, U.K., on Tuesday, July 11, 2017.

Photographer: Andy Rain/Bloomberg

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Prime Minister Theresa May has never addressed the nickname (‘Maybot’) the British press have conferred on her for her reliance on and delivery of catchphrases such as “Brexit means Brexit” and “strong and stable.”

That is until now, when it came up in a BBC Radio interview during the coverage of cricket, her favorite sport: “I get frustrated people use the term robotic about me. I don’t think I am in the least robotic,” she said with a laugh.

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May was well on her way to dismantling that image of herself, even bringing some home-made brownies as a gift to BBC cricket presenter Jonathan Agnew.

But then she could not help reverting back to her familiar soundbites that had earned her the soubriquet in the first place by mentioning her goal -- now a mantra -- of building “a country that works for everyone.”

She also rejected comparisons she had once welcomed to Britain’s only other female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher: “I’m Theresa May, I do things in my way."

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