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Activist Carlos Rojas Álvarez: Undocumented Youth Will Fight for DACA

"This is the exact moment we needed to launch us into fighting for more permanent protection."
Carlos Rojas Álvarez is an activist for undocumented youth
Carlos Rojas Álvarez is an activist for undocumented youthSteve Holt

Yesterday, a group of us was sitting in a circle with undocumented youth at the Student Immigrant Movement headquarters in downtown Boston—which continues to be a free and open space for any undocumented youth to come and join the movement family—listening to people talk about how they feel.

One young woman, who is extraordinary—she’s at Northeastern as an undocumented student—said she’d been asked by a reporter, “Are you scared now?” And she didn’t know how to answer that question. She said, “I’ve been terrified all of my life.” Being undocumented feels like hell, and it also feels like the longest running joke ever.