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Yes, Your Political Beliefs Can Get You Fired

The First Amendment doesn't necessarily protect your job.

We live in politically polarized times, and those tensions are seeping into the workplace in all sorts of ways. In liberal enclaves like Silicon Valley, conservatives feel isolated and judged at the office. People on the other end of the spectrum feel attacked by the administration's policies—and have no problem telling their bosses their views. But all this political activity can have consequences: The wrong viewpoint can get you canned. 

When do political beliefs become too extreme for the workplace and when can what you believe get you fired? Rebecca and Francesca talk to Art Leonard, a labor law and First Amendment expert, about what can and can't get workers in trouble. Does free speech protect us or does at-will employment mean anyone is at risk of termination at any time for anything they do? The short answer is: It's complicated.

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