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America Will Trust Driverless Cars When They Deliver Pizza

It’s a match made in heaven.
Order up.
Order up.(Ford)

By now, you’ve heard more than enough about humanity’s anxieties over driverless cars. We don’t know whom an autonomous vehicle would sacrifice in an unavoidable fatal collision, or even if we trust them enough to let go of the wheel while we read the news. But the road robots are here with a peace offering that America can’t ignore: pizza.

Starting Wednesday, Domino’s and Ford are partnering up for a tasty test of the future, experimenting with a single self-driving Ford Fusion that’ll make deliveries around Ann Arbor, Michigan. Over the next six weeks, random customers can opt in to get their pies delivered by the car, which sports a touchscreen interface for customers to retrieve their order. The car will appear to be self-driving, with a just-in-case driver onboard along with sensors to help researchers watch how people handle these self-service pizza wagons. Not since Little Caesars introduced its little mascot with an imperial appetite has pizza had the chance to normalize something so world-changing.